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Episode 176 - Garbage Pail Pete

April 23rd, 2015

Before the podcast, everyone was totally jelly of Peter's fruit cup. We lead off this week's episode with the Eisner Nominations. Trin takes us to his corner and talk.s about Action Comics and Deathstroke. Oscar follows up with his awesome gift from his wife, Free Art Fridays and his spiffy new business cards. Trin talks about his buddy Victor's new huge arcade machine (which everyone starts to play). Peter talks a smidge about Convergence, his new hardcovers, and All-New X-Men's Iceman. We talk about Hansel's Kickstarter campaign. Oscar talks about painting with knives. We talk about the Fantastic Four trailer and Valiant making movies. We also talk about DC's attempt to bring more young female readers into comics. All this and Cesar discovers what it means to be one with the Force.


Episode 175 - The Episode Without Fear

April 17th, 2015

"Oh bother, Piglet. Seems that Cesar and Oscar aren't here," said Pooh Bear with displeasure. "Oh d-d-d-dear," stammered Piglet. "What do we do?" "Hmm... Think. Think. Think. Let's make a kick ass podcast without them!"

Legacy Comics Coming at You! Another great episode is on the way. We're fearlessly defending your comic loving brains. We are your "guardian devils." This week we talk about the long awaited premiere of Netflix and Marvel's Daredevil. So much pleasure for your TV enjoyment zones in the brain. Replacing Cesar's BS Corner this week is "What Grinds Trin's Gears?" We send a happy trails out to the legendary and beloved Herb Trimpe, who passed away earlier this week. We talk about more trailers than a tornado can pick up. We talk about the leaked Batman vs. Superman trailer. And speaking of leaks, the first 4 episodes of Game of Thrones was leaked online. Rick talks about his new found love for HBO Go and his issues with it. We talk about Arrow and Flash, along with the goodness of Gotham. Peter talks about his issues with ComiXology's Android App. He pours out his love for TMNT. Trin's Corner! Five Ghosts, Miles Morales, Justice League, Secret Six, Constantine, Swamp Thing. We talk about weeding our comic collections. Peter discusses some fine rum. Trin implores the world to #SaveConstantine. Happy Birthday to our buddy George! All this and Rick's got three tickets to paradise!

Episode 174 - Legacy at World’s End

April 9th, 2015

On a dark and windy night the Legacy Crew records a fantastic podcast filled with Trin, Oscar, Cesar, Rick and Peter. Trin reviews some great comics this week. Oscar talks about Free Art Fridays, Brandon Graham's Island, Space Riders, and Nam Wolf. Rick talks about his newest additions to his music collection. Cesar talks about the excitement of a gaming weekend along with some great art books by Kim-Jung Gi. Peter talks about gaming on DC Universe Online and his Turtle Beach headphones, as well as some graphic novels he picked up. All this goodness for free true believers! 'Nuff Said!


Episode 173 - Crystal Blue Persuasion

April 2nd, 2015

Oscar is out this week, but no one seems to notice. Trin reflects on Clearly Canadian beverages when he discovers Lipton Sparking Iced Tea. Peter laments on his bookcase purchase. Trin reviews some great comics. Cesar talks about his experiences at ECCC. Trin talks about his experience at Sketchbomb. We talk about the glory of Wrestlemania. Then we top everything with a zombie on top, The Walking Dead.


Episode 172 - Cesar’s Sexy Road to the Emerald City

March 26th, 2015

This week's show is brought to you by the letters... ECCC. This fun show has the panel talking about their updates It's great to see what everyone has to say. Cesar talks about his excitement for Emerald City Comic Con, Oscar yaps about great stuff, Rick shares some incredible topics, Trin tells us about some good comics, Peter talks about his crises. K-9 makes a guest spot. Rick has the gang write down an answer to try to dispel influences and swaying.


Episode 171 - The Gang’s Back Together

March 19th, 2015

We rejoin our epic podcasters after a week off that featured merriment and hangovers. Rick and Cesar talk about the excitement of STAPLE! Independent Media Expo. We experience some technical difficulties (Oscar pulled the power plug). We talk about Flash, Constantine, and Arrow. The Walking Dead... Oscar reviews his new toy and reviews Zombies vs. Robots. He, Cesar and Peter talk about "Everly". Legacy Comics celebrates 7 years. Finally, we discuss the Batgirl variant cover controversy. All this and #CesarTouchesPonies


Episode 170 - Put Your Kids Away

March 5th, 2015

We go a bit mature this week. We talk about the mature titles of the comic world and how it's not always what you think it is. We talk about some great new indies. The guys talk about Power/Rangers and the direction of fan films. We talk about our porn in the woods stories.All this and Cesar's BS corner.


Episode 169 - The McLovin Group

February 26th, 2015

Despite not having our cuddly boo, Trin, the show must go on, This week we talk about some Oscar results. We spew love for Michael Keaton. We talk about Netflix's push for original content. A new PeeWee movie! New Inspector Gadget and Danger Mouse on Netflix. The possibility of Sex Criminals TV series. Coming soon... Porn in the Woods. The McLovin Group! Topics: Aquaman, Constantine. Oscar talks about reading comics. Sketchbomb Laredo 5. Buy floppies, buy trades, or both? All this and Cesar's BS Corner.


Episode 168 - This Bores Me

February 20th, 2015

We start with great news that Lance Schibi's "For the Title" Kickstarter has been funded. However, The "Life After Flash" Kickstarter has been put on hold until May 1st. In more Kickstarter news, the Conan game was funded with $3 million. Chris joins us and talks about the Pros and Cons of Supergroups in Comic Subscriptions. Which leads in to discussing DC's Convergences and Marvel's Secret Wars. Oscar talks about Scott McCloud's The Sculptor along with a Kickstarter game called Shadow Run: Hong Kong along with the next part Shadow Run: Dragon Fall. He also brings up a great campaign called The Sketchbook Project. Trin and Rick discuss a great BBC show called "In The Flesh" and a great sci-fi/time travel movie called "About Time." All this and Peter doesn't screw up the audio! Hooray!


Episode 167 - The Return of Spider-Man or Legacy Under the Sea

February 13th, 2015

The show starts off with a glitch in the first half with the wrong mic being picked up. But we're joined by a special guest. We talk about Kickstarter campaigns.We talk about Marvel regaining the use of Spider-Man in the movies. Peter discusses Demo Day at the shop. We talk about games. All this and Cesar in a cupid costume.


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