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Episode 164 - Say What?!?!

January 22nd, 2015

Trin's birthday!! We talk about the STCE at TAMIU that happens this weekend. We break the bad news on the cancellations of Herb Trimpe and Peter Mayhew. Peter talks about husslin' for Legacy and the con. We talk about the Kick-Off party on Friday night after the meet and greet. We prepare for the After-Party for the con (both at Average Joe's). We give our Superbowl predictions as well. Oscar talks about the Jack Kirby Kamandi Artist Edtion. Trin talks about his amazing Transformers purchase. The possible rebooting of Marvel with the new Secret Wars. Plus we talk about the awesomeness of free Atomic Robo!


Episode 163 - Dawn of the Show

January 16th, 2015

Welcome to our first condensed podcast. We're talking to Marco Jalomo about the STCE at TAMIU next weekend. Oscar talks about the "perfect sketchbook." Peter gives a shop round up. Marvel Star Wars #1. Mortal Kombat selling out locally. We talk Oscar nods. Sam Jones coming down to Laredo and the documentary. The rare apperarance of Herb Trimpe. Melody Anderson and Peter Mayhew returning to Laredo. 4 great Cosplayers. A fatalistically packed Artists' Alley. The return of the Alien Warrior Comedian. Cesar's great friend, Shawn Hernandez will visit. The origin of Peter and Shawn's friendship. Legacy Comics and the STCE will be having a ticket sale this Saturday (1/17). Rick talks about his first Artist's Edition, Enemy Ace.


Episode 162 - Rick’s Back

January 13th, 2015

Our glorious leader has returned, move over Oscar! Rick's back and he brings us tales of a far away land called California. Rick regales us with his Christmas stories. Rick talks about his Christmas haul. We thank David Lara, Ollie and Isaac for coming in. Je suis Charlie! We talk about the 3rd meeting of Sketch Bomb Laredo and its 12 new members. Oscar talks about the Podcast artwork. Rick tosses out some Drink and Draw ideas. We talk about the upcoming STCE @ TAMIU. We discuss the upcoming documentary about Sam Jones (part of which will be filmed at the STCE @ TAMIU). We talk about the douche of the year award. Our Herb Trimpe wish lists. We share our excitement for the return of Flash and Arrow.. We talk about Agent Carter. We discuss Naruto and our love of anime. We mention highlights of Image Expo and Valiant Comics. Then we leave you this week with a spoiler filled review of Taken 3.


Episode 161 - New Year’s Awesome!

December 31st, 2014

Just a typical podcast with a twist... Oliver and Isaac in the house. This week we cover a bit of sports news, slow week for comics, Parks and Rec, Dragonball, Naruto, Sailor Moon and the downfall of our favorite anime, trailer for Ant-Man, The Interview. 
The guys discuss their gift haul. Oscar talks about World War Robot. We talk about what we like and didn't like during 2014. And our excitement for 2015. All this and Oliver balances a pringle on his nose.


Episode 160 - A Festivus Miracle

December 27th, 2014

This is our holiday special. Our faithful listener David Lara joins us this week. We talk about our favorite memories of Christmases past. Then stay tuned for a great interview with Hansel Moreno where he talks about his story published in an anthology.


Episode 159 - Best of the Best Part 4: Montezuma’s Revenge

December 19th, 2014

This is an exciting episode. Rick has a great interview with Mark Waid, Franco and Art Baltazar. Then the gang talks about their bests of 2014.


Episode 158 - Cesar’s Putasos at the Dollar Store

December 12th, 2014

The gang talks about the STCE @ TAMIU Con next month. Cesar talks about classic video games. Peter talks about the Paul Revere/Sam Adams time capsule and Star Wars. The gang talks about the great new comics from Image. Plus the public is invited to Sketch Bomb Laredo.


Episode 157 - Thanksgiving Potluck

November 26th, 2014

This week the gang celebrates Thanksgiving with a potluck and some fine conversation. We wish you all the very best this holiday.


Episode 156 - Trent’s Not In

November 21st, 2014

This week the podcast is thankful for you all joining us each week. We talk about more obscure comics, tv and movies. We talk about Sketchbomb Laredo and Dungeons and Dragons. We toss out some recommendations for you. And we eat pizza on the air.


Episode 155 - More Obscure Than Leonard Part 6

November 14th, 2014

The Cold Front! Rick plays Boss Monster. Oscar announces the first theme for Sketch Bomb - Laredo. Dice Master Tournament. 
D&D Love. New Legacy Comics website. Fantasy! Football that is. Movie review of Interstellar. Flash, Arrow and Agents of SHIELD. Oscar and Trin talk about the high school's web interviews with Carlo Barberi and Matthew Weldon. Then some major obscurity. The guys talk about their favorite lesser known comics, movies, TV shows, music and games. All that and we all love you, Andy.


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